The OEX Way

Drive before you drive, recover before you recover, repair before you repair

The world’s foremost explorers, researchers, and scientists know that when properly used, a 4×4 vehicle is an indispensable tool of discovery. Why should your transportation wants and needs be any different?

Overland Experts serves clients seeking to make the best possible use of their vehicles. Whether they want to four-wheel as a sport, learn safer ways to operate a SUV, or are planning a major expedition, OEX is there with challenging driving courses located in Connecticut, North Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.

The OEX staff is a highly experienced group of drivers who share a passion for using a vehicle as a means to enjoy and experience the outdoors, or to embrace journey to any destination, no matter how challenging or mundane.

If you take pride in your vehicle, take pride in your driving.

We at OEX feel that driver training is the first “modification” to get for your vehicle. Off-road driving, done well, is composed of three aspects: Driver skill, Recovery, and Repair. We will teach you to plan and execute driving at a level you may never have conceived of before. The linear and methodical approach we have developed over the last 20 years ensures you “Drive before you Drive, Recovery before you Recover, and Repair before you Repair.”

Core to OEX's success and longevity is our curriculum and our instructors. Our method creates thinking, intelligent, independent, and adaptable individuals able to move through any terrain in any vehicle required. With your new skills, obstacles are attempted with forethought, accountability, safety, all under your own an iron clad plan. You will know how to drive it, recovery from it, survive it, and fix issues even before you get behind the wheel. You or your group will reliably operate any 4×4 vehicles with impunity, reliability, and safety.

OEX prides itself on the consistency of our message; no matter where in the world or which one of our branches you visit, the message remains the same – a dynamic system using linear progress, method, repetition, practice, and an awareness of individual’s differing learning styles to ensure mastery. It becomes part of your long-term memory, not the short term.

At any of our OEX locations or chosen venues you will have terrain choices that emulate and replicate environments found anywhere in the world. Like chapters in a text book, our locations are made up of three trail/road types: purpose-built, mixed natural and purpose-built, and pre-existing natural terrain. We progress from one to the next through method leading to mastery for all terrains and obstacle types. Within this step by step process we incorporate recovery and repair training unique to those different environments so you develop a truly educated, preconceived, and effective plan.

OEX was founded by a biologist turned field operator; you will learn to do all of this with minimal environmental impact, building a mindfulness of environmental stewardship –there is a way to use vehicles like this ethically and in a low impact manner to achieve your goals and objectives.

OEX classes are designed specifically to each client’s needs depending on their current skill level and specific interests. We evaluate each student’s progress with our linear method of training, and we constantly adjust the difficulty level as their proficiency improves.

You will be challenged, you will have fun, and you will leave knowing how to drive any route in the world, under any conditions.


In Overland Experts classes and workshops, you can use your own vehicle or one of the many vehicles from our fleet. Using your own is always preferable, but if you do not own one, have not yet completed the modifications you want to, or just want to specifically drive a four-door Toyota Hilux Diesel, for example, then you are welcome to use ours. In fact, if you are one of those drivers in the midst of modifying your vehicle, it is better that you train with us before finishing those changes. We can save you money and time by helping you figure out exactly what modification you need, and only what you need.

Our fleet is built to offer a range of platform types, from 4-cylinder diesels up through V8 gasoline automatics. Understanding not only how to drive in any terrain, but also in ANY vehicle, is what makes you a truly excellent driver. Thus, we do not teach “button” classes for one particular platform, which would risk developing a pigeon-holed understanding of driving. At OEX, we try to match our training to the variability and diversity of the real world.