OEX locations

Purpose-built teaching areas

Our United States-based training is normally held at one of our facilities in Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, or Utah. Our World Wide Mobility Team is equipped to go anywhere in the world our clients need us, often at short notice.

At each of our U.S. locations, you will find purpose-built driving courses that will maximize your skill acquisition and minimize down time during training. Each course is laid out starting with individual obstacles designed to teach one specific skill set at a time. You then progress to combinations of purpose-built and natural obstacles, finally ending with highly challenging and often impassable fully natural trails. This linear and progressive format enables practice, repetition, troubleshooting, and through that – mastery.

You are welcome to bring your own truck or to use one from our fleet. We encourage you to train in a variety of vehicle types to ensure the skills you learn are transferable to any location, situation, or vehicle: manual or automatic, diesel or gas, IFS or beam axle, modified or stock. Your new skills will become intrinsic habits, not just theoretical concepts.


Since 1998, our unique course in Connecticut has been the backbone of Overland Experts. Bruce Elfström, CEO of OEX, built the course with a vision of quickly exposing clients to a complete range of off-road driving conditions. All together it consists of hundreds of acres, with varying terrain including mud, rock, topsoil, clay, water, and sand.

Contrary to what one might think, we have gone to great lengths to ensure our Connecticut locations have areas that simulate mountain and desert terrain not naturally present in the state. Groups that have frequented desert areas continue to choose OEX knowing we have the ability to mimic any environment in the world at any time no matter which location you train at.

In Connecticut we have multiple areas at our disposal. The first is a purpose-built course of high-density obstacles that is arranged for optimal training progress with limited down-time. The second, for our industrial clients, is our sand quarry of hills, dunes, basins, and rocky cliffs. This area mimics desert driving and allows us to build the obstacles we need in mere hours. The third, for our military clients, is a military range with a variety of trails, from natural wet lowlands to natural high elevation dry rock, gravel, and sand.

While other 4×4 businesses use public lands, our locations are private, and their environmental protection is central to their design. Learn and make mistakes here; it can be isolated and controlled. The course design also allows for more learning in less time, as down-time can be minimized and distractions from the public are non-existent.


To service our expanding clientele, OEX acquired property in Orange, Virginia in 2009. The Virginia location closely mirrors the facilities that we have in Connecticut to ensure that the curriculum and learning curve remain the same. Conveniently located an hour from Dulles International Airport, OEX Virginia is a prime location for organizations headquartered near our nation’s capital.

The Virginia location is divided into two primary sections. First, the purpose-made portion has miles of paths designed to mimic every environment one might encounter, from the deserts and mountains of Asia Minor, to the jungles of South America. At any time of year, you will find wet areas of mud, dry sand, and rock. Second, are what we call “Random Roads”. These courses allow students to drive a random mix of natural and man-made terrain over longer distances. This randomness simulates the real-life scenarios of moving from point A to point B while facing various obstacles along the way.

By starting in an area of high obstacle density that allows for looping and retrying, and then by progressing to the longer Random Roads, the resulting learned skill set will stand the test of time. Similar to our branch in Connecticut, our lands in Virginia are private and have all been constructed with a focus on environmental protection. Learn in a controlled environment with no interruption from the public to maximize learning and limit down-time.

North Carolina

Especially catering to the south-eastern United States and to various major military areas, OEX’s North Carolina location has everything you need. OEX has private land, the Uwharrie Off-Road Training Center, that is an easy drive from Fort Bragg military area in Fayetteville. Additionally, we have permits for the use of Uwharrie National Forest which offers a vast number of trails with a highly varied selection of terrains. Between these two locations, OEX has access to miles of trails and thousands of acres of land.

As with all our locations, areas are composed of purpose-built trails with high obstacle density for training saturation, mixed random purpose-built and natural trails, and general existing trails. Both of our Uwharrie locations, combined, have thousands of acres dedicated to purpose-built trails.

Environmental protection is central to the design of the course, and our private lands allow you to learn and make mistakes where everything can be isolated and controlled. Our facility has meeting buildings, shelters, and miles of trails. Everything is designed to minimize downtime and maximize learning time, as distractions from the public are non-existent.

This branch enables us to serve our military clients better than ever, while adding even more options for our industrial and recreational market. Combine this with a fleet of vehicles that pertain to all 4×4 platforms, especially the Hilux and Land Cruisers most often utilized by special operation forces, all our clients are sure to benefit greatly.

In addition, OEX’s ATV/LTATV/UTV and Motorcycle training will make full use of these lands and terrain.


Our Utah location offers not only our standard group classes and private trainings, but also adds Long-Range Total Emersion Expedition training options. Here you learn it all from driving to true field independence and self-reliance. In the past this is where we conduct the “next level” of training for our advanced clients (military teams, geo-exploration companies, relief agencies, and such), however UT is now our newest OEX branch offering all that our other branches offer. The base of operations is Salt Lake City, but the core training occurs in the field on public lands in Tooele and Utah Counties, west of the Uinta Mountain range. Although the normal curriculum is five days, clients have the option to sign up for as few or many days as they want with a minimum of two one (overnight). The OEX curriculum stays the same in that all of our fundamentals are covered but can also be taught on the move over the course of the duration of the trip. Our Utah routes cover up to 300 miles of Trails, intermittent obstacles, graded, double track, and unimproved dirt roads. We cover varying terrain that includes rock, low and high desert, sand dunes, and of course the seasonal mud and snow. Springtime and late fall weather conditions can change drastically and suddenly with temperatures plummeting from 65 to 35 degrees in minutes. If you chose expedition style training, you will have true overlanding in that we camp at a new location each night, must prep vehicles, must work in convoy, ….. one should be ready to bivouac in austere and primitive conditions…. Pre-plan your food, water, and fuel …. learn the art of packing and organizing your vehicle …prepping and outfitting with the necessary recovery gear and tools to sustain yourself on a longer off the grid trip.

We maintain a fleet of pre-positioned vehicles available to clients, but we recommend for civilian guests to run their own vehicles if adequately prepared. We can accommodate 3 to 7 vehicles on the western course and with advance scheduling may accommodate larger groups of client supplied vehicles. Along with Special Operations Military and the Adventurous civilians this course is perfect for clients such as Doctors Without Borders, On location Film crews, Academic field researchers, Environmental Research teams, Utility companies, or anyone requiring instruction and/or experience in a 4WD vehicular under Total Emersion Expedition circumstances.

World Wide Mobility Team

While the majority of our training is done at these four purpose-built courses in the U.S., we realize that in some instances it might make more sense for us to come to you. If you have the fleet and the facilities, then OEX can do the rest. Depending on a variety of factors, the cost will differ slightly, but the curriculum is transferable as long as the conditions on the ground allow for a steep technical 4×4 learning curve. 4×4 clubs, utility companies, fire departments, and military groups have all utilized this option with Overland Experts and have found it to be extremely beneficial. For more information regarding on-site training as well as a quote, stop by our Request Info/Quote page.

Off-Road driving clubs and organizations

Overland Experts also works with local, regional, and national off-road organizations and clubs to help them strengthen their relationships with their members and communities and promote responsible off-road driving. Our driving courses can serve as unique and private venues for a range of different off-road driving events. We also regularly offer special training days that emphasize advanced driving and recovery techniques perfect for club members.