Bolivia off road travel

 Skill level: Moderate

Open to: Ages 14-70. Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Participants must be in good physical shape (hike 6 miles in a day without issue). Former OEX trip clients, OEX trained clients three days min, those signed up to train with OEX before departure date.

Prerequisites: Minimum three-day driver training from OEX, having done an OEX trip already, physically fit.

Lodging: 1–4 star hotels, hostels and camping.

Vehicles: Toyota Hilux. GPS and all recovery gear needed. 

Arrival in Bolivia.

Transfer to hotel. Presentation/assignment of vehicles. Group dinner. Accommodation: 3 star hotel. Hotel de la Torre

Cochabamba – Chapare

Approx 4 hours drive descending from the Andes foothills sees us in the heat and humidity of the jungle area. After a delicious lunch of fresh water fish we’ll head straight into the jungle through a banana plantation before taking a short boat ride to an indian village where we’ll be hosted for the night by the local people. Accommodation: Camping.

Chapare region

Another day in the jungle today. We’ll take a bit of a boat ride, do some fishing and wildlife observing and spend time with the locals. In the afternoon we’ll retrace our track back to Villa Tunari where we’ll check into a nice hotel with poolside bar and restaurant. Accommodation: 3 star Hotel, Hotel Los Tucanes


We’ll climb out of the steamy jungle into the Andes Mountains today before literally crossing them and descending to the town of Independencia. 50/50 pavement and established dirt roads today with unforgettable scenery. We’ll climb to over 13,000 feet above sea level today before dropping down to 8500ft for our overnight destination. Accommodation: 1 star hotel.


Already where no tourists go, this route will take us up and down the mountain range on winding dirt roads until we reach the Sacambaya river. Will we be able to cross? Or will we need to turn back and find another way? If we get across we’ll be dropping quickly to the upper Amazon Rainforest. It’ll be hot, humid and perhaps muddy. Accommodation: 4 star hotel. Hotel San Bartolome.

Chulumani – Caranavi (via Death Road)

Think you can manage Death Road? Not a patch on what it used to be when it was a major thoroughfare but still impressive and at times a bit of a knee shaker. Hold your breath, it is a long way down. Accommodation: 2 start hotel. Hotel Jatata Inn.

Caranavi – Mapiri

We are well and truly in Amazon Rainforest area here. The roads will be rough, narrow and if muddy, pretty messy. You’ll be laughing at Death Road when you’ve seen this stuff. Ever driven across a wooden swing bridge, barely wide enough for a car, hanging 30ft above the water? Let’s hope it’s not wet… Accommodation: 1 star hostel.

Mapiri – Sorata

More rough and narrow roads that require slow, careful driving today. And it’ll be hot. We are in the Amazon after all. Toward the end of the day we’ll climb into the Andes foothills again and it’ll be a relief to breathe in some fresh, cool mountain air after all the humidity we’ve endured over the last few days. Accommodation: 3 star hostel. Hostal Altai Oasis

Sorata – Oruro

SStunning views today as we drive along the lake’s edge with the Andes Mountain range in the background. We’ll then move onto the Altiplano where you’ll get a chance to see how the highlands Indians live, and have done for centuries. Accommodation: 3 star hotel. Flores Plaza Hotel

Oruro – Cochabamba

A final treat in store on our last day driving. We’ll take a little know road that follows, sometimes literally, an abandoned railway. This route manages to bottle ‘genuine Bolivia’ in just a few kilometers. You’ll love every minute of it. Accommodation: 3 star hotel. Hotel de la Torre.

Airport transfers to Cochabamba airport.

The trip cost included:

  • Airport transfers in Cochabamba
  • Vehicle hire and fuel (4 persons per vehicle). 2 persons per vehicle supplement $600 per person.
  • All accommodation, food and refreshments
  • Indigenous project (days 2&3)
  • Road tolls, land access fees
  • Logistics, guiding services and people power as detailed above
  • Accommodation for the night before the tour and the final night of the tour are included in the tour price.

The trip cost did not include:

  • Alcoholic beverages,
  • Food/snacks/drinks outside that offered
  • Driving fines
  • Hotel phone/internet charges


All vehicles will be insured. A security deposit will be required per vehicle against damages.


Consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden during a driving day.


All clients will be required to sign an acknowledgement of risk and release of liability form.


You should be prepared for all weather and climates. We’ll be hot and muggy when in the lowlands but we spend some time at higher altitudes where we could experience low single digit temperatures (Celsius). There is also always the potential for rain in the lowlands. You will need bug repellent and sun block.


Getting to and from Bolivia:

A number of international airlines fly into Bolivia – American Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, BOA ( and Lan Chile. Internal flights between La Paz or Santa Cruz and Cochabamba and regular, with multiple flights daily. We can arrange these flights on behalf of the group.