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Whatever your purpose in training with OEX, our curriculum is designed to teach you both the science and the art of off-road driving in three core areas: Driving, Recovery, and Repair

For over twenty-years, Overland Experts has taught drivers worldwide how to confidently and effectively drive, recover, and repair their vehicles in off-road environments. Though our curriculum has evolved and advanced, our core time and trail-tested approach will always stay the same. It is this and our linear training structure that leads to mastery.

Do you use 4WD vehicles at work?

Do you drive off-road vehicles for a living? Are you looking to boost your team's efficiently? Check out out Industrial/military training pages and see how OEX can help your organization.

I only wish I had done something like this class many years ago. Now I get why I’ve run into various issues over the years not having what I felt should have been better traction – I just didn’t know how to use what I already had. So many paths over the decades I’ve wanted to take in y 4wds but didn’t because I lacked the confidence and knowledge. Working to change that through these courses.

Scott B.

Meet the trainers

Ron Parrish
A life-long outdoorsman, Ron has experience as a driving instructor for Fire, EMS and Federal Law Enforcement. He brings those skills to his instruction in North Carolina.
J. B. Mcclure III
JB is based in Virginia. He has vast experience in driving and competing in many forms of off-road motorsports. He is also a skilled mechanic.
John Brady
Retired from the US military as an instructor, John brings his passion for teaching and skills as a vehicle fabricator to OEX. He can be found at the Norh Carolina facility.
Kevin Frechette
An instructor and Mechanic in Connecticut, Kevin's experience as a mechanic, equipment operator, and pilot informs his love of off-road driving. He can be found training on all manner of platforms.