Three-day off-road driving class

Find limits, push boundaries, drive even further.

The three-day off-road driving class provides additional confidence-building time behind the wheel. By the end of this class, you will be driving better and going further than you ever imagined you could.

Building upon the skills learned on days one and two, you will have additional opportunities to test yourself and your vehicle as you continue to master the methods, techniques, and practices of off-road driving with the introduction of more challenging obstacles and scenarios. Our input will become less frequent as your own ability to read terrain becomes more precise and your confidence increases.

Along with the additional driving and recovery time, you will receive instruction in Field Expedient Repair (FER). Should you run into mechanical issues on the trail, this portion of the course will help you to diagnose and repair some of the most common on-trail breakdowns and mechanical issues.

This class includes:
  • Continued practice of skills learned in days one and two.
  • Field repair of the:
    • — Drivetrain
    • — Suspension & Steering
    • — Brakes
    • — Electrical System
    • — Cooling System
    • — Fuel System
    • — Tires

Our group driving classes are limited to 12 students to provide for an effective student-to-instructor ratio, and an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

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The course was very effective. Its effectiveness was a function of an excellent lesson plan incorporating both theory and practical seat time, written instruction materials I could retain for future reference, very knowledgeable and capable instructors, and access to vehicles and terrain necessary for real hands-on learning.

Paul L.

Meet the trainers

Ted Dinwiddie
Ted is an instructor based at the Virginia facility. He has a long tenure with OEX, training all branches of the US military at our facilities and on location around the country.
Tony Cerruto
Tony is the Director of Training and Military Contracts. He is based in North Carolina and frequently trains out west at our Utah location.
J. B. Mcclure III
JB is based in Virginia. He has vast experience in driving and competing in many forms of off-road motorsports. He is also a skilled mechanic.
Kevin Frechette
An instructor and Mechanic in Connecticut, Kevin's experience as a mechanic, equipment operator, and pilot informs his love of off-road driving. He can be found training on all manner of platforms.