Field repair workshop

Fine tune your field repair skills.

Simply put, our field repair workshop is first aid for your truck on the trail or on the road.

In this day-long workshop you’ll learn how to diagnose and repair some of the more common vehicle system break downs and “injuries”. Braking, cooling, chassis, and drivetrain issues will be covered in intense field-base scenarios using common and not so common tools and techniques. This workshop will flat-out get you and your vehicle home!

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Hard and soft brake line repair
  • Radiator repair to include tank, core, and hose
  • Basic electrical systems diagnosis and repair
  • Common gasoline and diesel engine field repair and diagnosis
  • Diagnose and repair axle breakage – full vs. semi floating variants and their repair or removal on the trail
  • Driveshaft removal and/or repair
  • Tire repair
  • Tools of field – Learn what to carry and how to use what you carry

Do you use 4WD vehicles at work?

Do you drive off-road vehicles for a living? Are you looking to boost your team's efficiently? Check out out Industrial/military training pages and see how OEX can help your organization.

We learned an incredible amount in a relatively short amount of time. Beyond Learning, it was a lot of fun. It's one thing to read about a vehicle’s capabilities, something different to experience it.

Ross P.

Meet the trainers

Kevin Frechette
An instructor and Mechanic in Connecticut, Kevin's experience as a mechanic, equipment operator, and pilot informs his love of off-road driving. He can be found training on all manner of platforms.
Steve Beasley
A military veteran, Steve brings his experience as a driver, mechanic and EMT to his training in North Carolina, where he is based.
John Brady
Retired from the US military as an instructor, John brings his passion for teaching and skills as a vehicle fabricator to OEX. He can be found at the Norh Carolina facility.
Ted Dinwiddie
Ted is an instructor based at the Virginia facility. He has a long tenure with OEX, training all branches of the US military at our facilities and on location around the country.