Overlanding workshop

Fine tune your overlanding skills.

Overlanding is as much about the journey as the destination. It implies self-sufficient travel over land in remote areas with little in the way of supporting infrastructure or amenities and is associated with motorized transport. Skilled driving, vehicle preparation, and recovery capability are givens in this scenario, but there are other considerations as well.

Identifying your needs and ambitions and planning accordingly depends on a good overview of the subject. Filling in the knowledge and skill gaps will make your experience safer and more fun. We can help.

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Navigation
  • Sleeping accommodation
  • Food supply and preparation
  • Water for drinking and sanitation
  • Fuel and other supplies for the vehicle
  • Communications within the group and in emergency situations
  • Medical training and supplies

Do you use 4WD vehicles at work?

Do you drive off-road vehicles for a living? Are you looking to boost your team's efficiently? Check out out Industrial/military training pages and see how OEX can help your organization.

I have been thinking for a couple of days of possible improvements or where I felt that a little more time could have been spent or certain topics covered. I got nothing. I am 100% satisfied with the education received at OEX. I enjoy the time spent and count you guys as friends.

Jarrett D.

Meet the trainers

Kevin Frechette
An instructor and Mechanic in Connecticut, Kevin's experience as a mechanic, equipment operator, and pilot informs his love of off-road driving. He can be found training on all manner of platforms.
Ron Parrish
A life-long outdoorsman, Ron has experience as a driving instructor for Fire, EMS and Federal Law Enforcement. He brings those skills to his instruction in North Carolina.
Erik Eisensmith
Director of operations for OEX, Erik can be found instructing at the Connecticut facility and events around the northeast.
Tony Cerruto
Tony is the Director of Training and Military Contracts. He is based in North Carolina and frequently trains out west at our Utah location.