The fundamentals of recovery workshop

Fine tune your recovery skills.

Our recovery workshop is a full day of instruction on the safest and most effective use of recovery gear and equipment.

We see a lot of accidents and “close calls” on the trail and at events and find that a majority occur in assorted recovery scenarios where gear is improperly chosen, used, and/or rigged. Gear rating and capacity are easily overlooked, especially when you are unfamiliar with the different options. Let’s face it - you’re going to get stuck, so it’s paramount that you know how to recover successfully and safely to avoid unnecessary accidents! In this workshop, you’ll learn when and how to choose the best mode of recovery for any given scenario. You’ll be able to identify the range of equipment and learn how to “spec” your recovery gear to your vehicle by deciphering and understanding the ratings of each piece. From traction “aids” to straps and ropes, snatch pulleys to winches, and everything in between, you’ll come out with a better understanding of the art of recovery.

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Recovery gear identification and use
  • Gear choice and specification
  • Static vs. Kinetic recovery - benefits and pitfalls
  • Proper vehicle towing and “snatching”
  • Winch use and safety - hand signals, winch and line care, steel vs. synthetic line, compound and single line rigging, pulley block use in both re-direct and mechanical advantage scenarios
  • Traction aids - sand and bridging ladders/mats
  • The Hi-Lift Jack as a recovery tool - safe and proper use as jack and come-along
  • How to perform a proper “stuck assessment”

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A good mix of theory and practice that I left with a solid foundation and basic skills. I really don’t think the training could have been any better.

Mark C.

Meet the trainers

John Brady
Retired from the US military as an instructor, John brings his passion for teaching and skills as a vehicle fabricator to OEX. He can be found at the Norh Carolina facility.
Steve Beasley
A military veteran, Steve brings his experience as a driver, mechanic and EMT to his training in North Carolina, where he is based.
Tony Cerruto
Tony is the Director of Training and Military Contracts. He is based in North Carolina and frequently trains out west at our Utah location.
Kevin Frechette
An instructor and Mechanic in Connecticut, Kevin's experience as a mechanic, equipment operator, and pilot informs his love of off-road driving. He can be found training on all manner of platforms.