Production Fixers and Locations

Bruce, son of Robert Elfström a documentary film maker, has a life time of experience working in and around the world of films and documentaries.

Overland Experts as a how has been responsible for National Geographic films, IMAX films, and Discovery Channel productions from Mongolia to the United States.

We are at all time prepared to act as local fixers, line production leaders or general trainers to your team or fleet managers. Our global connection make recces almost instantaneous. We know what you will need and how to get it done on time and without drama.

Here is a relevant and fairly recent project: Bruce and OEX was line producer for Dinosaurs Alive. Please visit their site. This project spanned the Globe from Mongolia to California. At timers shooting in sand storms with teams of 40 and 20 vehicles handling all ground logistics for the movement of 35,000 lbs of equipment. From Carnets to New York City permits, we have done the near impossible.

Recent Productions:

Film Crew Training:

Training a crew for a field film production, either Documentary or feature, is just common sense. What is the most important element of most film productions…most would say time! If you lost a day of production, would you pay to get it back? You bet. OEX has been in all types of terrain under all conditions. We can get your crew or yourself ready to handle movement in marginal areas in any vehicle type from AVTs to large trucks.

OEX Training will:

  • create an operator that moves with a predicable pace – you save time and get the shots.
  • reduce danger to your team and staff – what is the cost on one litigation?
  • vehicle damage will be greatly reduced.
  • make sure magic hour will not be missed.
  • will get the equipment through carnet and onto location before you do.
  • get you closer to the shot than you ever thought possible.
  • At OEX your crew will learn what Special Operational Forces have been coming OEX for, over the past 12 years, preparedness and fluency with the terrain and moving through it with impunity, predictability, safety, and confidence.

If you are interested in training for your crew or staff, please contact Bruce Elfström personally.

Film and Media Prop Vehicles

We lease our vehicles as props for film features and documentary. Over the years we have been asked to lend our vehicle (odd ones not found in the USA) for film production. Please contact Bruce Elfstrom directly with your requests.