The itinerary for Iceland is only ever an outline until closer to our travel dates.

When we travel off-road weather conditions, river flow and ice can force changes to our plans at short notice and on a daily basis. That is where your training with Overland Experts comes in! The goal is to do a “loop” of the interior. This loop will be around 12 glaciers concentrated in the south central and eastern region.


  • Sunday morning take bus into Reykjavík and pick up vehicles.
  • Drive out of the city heading north toward Reykholt
  • pass by whaling station to see and tour. (like it or not this is part of life here – no money or support for whaling will come from our visit and you are welcome to not like it – but the education is not to be missed).
  • Head east and north to drive over the north end of Langjokull Glacier
  • Hut for the night. Dinner cooked by Bruce and the team – pitch in if you like. Grilled local salmon and Arctic Char. (As with all our meals a vegetarian option is no problem).


  • Reasonable wake hour. Hot spring bath and breakfast
  • Pack up and head out to finish crossing north end of glacier.
  • Head south for some time to a beautiful valley for a hike and lunch.
  • After lunch head east towards Kerlingarfjoll and then north east to hut near larger glacier Hofsjokull.
  • Early in and time for hike, reading, chatting, etc.
  • Dinner at hut, outside if conditions allow. Dinner Fish chowder with local fresh bread.


  • Early raise
  • Breakfast after we leave in open landscape.
  • Make way south west and then east toward the river Thjorsa.
  • Lunch and hike near river and extinct volcanoes
  • short afternoon drive to mountain hut
  • time for hike or relax.
  • Dinner Reindeer Stroganoff with Loganberry


  • long epic drive to the big glacier.
  • Early start and breakfast at Hut
  • Work our way north/northeast towards the largest glacier in Europe. Vatnajokull
  • make our way into an area between the big glacier and a very small one called Tungjafellsjokull. This area is spectacular
  • reverse direction as there is only one way in and one way out and head south and attempt to reach the same hut as Tues night.


  • reasonable wake and breakfast. Wheels up by 10am
  • head south towards Lake Thorisvatn
  • Lunch lake side – amazing!
  • Short drive to a great hiking spot.
  • Make way to a spectacular (my favorite) valley Landmannalaugar
  • Dinner grilled Leg of lamb specialty of the guides. Hut has fantastic Natural hot springs for after dinner “hot pot” and northern lights.


  • Wheels up 9am, making way to Thorsmok Valley
  • Head East then South and West to a pass between Glacier Mydrolsjokull and Torfajokull. This valley is stunning an unique.
  • Drop into Thorsmik by crossing river Markarllot as well as many many other rivers. If conditions allow.
  • Conditions good we turn north to a hike n a valley at the foot of glacier and volcano Eyafjallajokull (big one that closed flights to and from EU for so long)
  • Night at Hut at top of Thorsmok Valley.


  • Late morning.
  • Head short distance to a nice hike (should you want to).
  • South out of Thorsmok Valley
  • Cross to south coast for a time on the beaches.
  • Here we pick up tarmac roads. Air up tires and head west for Lunch at my favorite Lobster Soup restaurant.
  • After lunch west over a pass and a visit to a geothermal power plant.
  • Into Reykjavik, drop off Land Rover by 4pm.
  • Dinner out at restaurant (together or apart – cost not included)
  • Night at Hotel.


  • Wake as you like.
  • Free time until flight out or one more night (not included) or other activity
  • Options – Whale watching, Museums, Blue Lagoon.