Since 1999, our unique course in Connecticut has been the backbone of Overland Experts.

Bruce Elfstrom, CEO of OEX, built the course with a vision of quickly exposing clients to a complete range of off road driving conditions. All together we have over 2000 acres, with varying terrain including mud, rock, topsoil, clay, water, and glacial sand deposits.

Contrary to what most people think, our Connecticut location has many areas that simulate mountain and desert terrain. We have gone to great lengths to ensure this. Groups that have frequented desert areas continue to choose OEX knowing we have the ability to mimic any terrain in the world at any time. Our newest acquisition allows us to train on large areas of sand dunes, switchbacks, and Wadi or Arroyo cut outs. Please feel free to look through the photo gallery – a picture is worth a thousand words.

In CT we have four areas at our disposal. The first is the purpose made course that is 6 miles of very high density obstacles arranged for optimal training progress with limited down time. The second is our sand valley of over 100 acres of hills, dunes, valleys and rocky cliffs; this well drained area mimics desert driving and we can build what we need in hours. The third is an 1800 acres parcel that has a huge choice of trails, from natural wet lowlands to natural high elevation dry rock , gravel and sand. Lastly we have various private right of ways that follow straight routes through a huge variety of terrains; these trails create very realistic point A to B travel.

While other 4×4 businesses use public lands, our lands are private and the environmental protection is central to the design of the course. Learn and make mistakes here; it can be isolated and controlled. In addition, the course design allows for more learning in less time – down time is minimized and distractions from the public are non-existent.

Meeting Place/Directions

Connecticut: Our meeting place is the Hadlyme Country Market in Lyme, CT 06371. This is at the intersection of rte 82 and 148. We will meet here each morning at 8am, order our food for the day and then head out to our course location. Note: 112 Hemlock Valley Road is a residential address used only as our mailing address. This is not our course location so please meet us at the Country Market.