To service our expanding clientele, Overland Experts acquired 8600 acres in Orange, Virginia during 2009.

The Virginia location mirrors closely the facilities that we have in Connecticut in order to ensure that the curriculum and learning curve remain the same. Conveniently located an hour from Dulles International Airport, OEX Virginia is a prime location for organizations headquartered near our nation’s capital.

The Virginia location is divided into two primary sections.

  • First, the purpose made portion; here we have well over 20 miles of “roads” designed to mimic everything one might encounter from the deserts and mountains of Asia Minor to the jungles of South America. At any time of year you will find wet areas of mud, dry sand and rock.
  • Second, are what we call Random Roads; these allow students to drive a random mix of natural and man made terrain over longer distances. This randomness simulates the real life scenarios of moving from point A to B with issues along the way. By starting in an area of very high obstacle density that allows for looping and retrying, and then progressing to the long Random Road, the learned skill set will stand the test of time.

Similar to our branch in Connecticut, our lands in Virginia are private and have all been constructed with a focus on environmental protection. Learn in a controlled environment with no interruption from the public to maximize learning and limit down time.

Meeting Place

Our meeting place is the Sheetz Gas Station, 332 N Madison Rd. Orange, VA 22960. We will meet here
each morning at 8am, order our food for the day and then head out to our course location.