Military & security driver training

Mobility is key to mission success.

Our goal is very simple – To provide our DoD and State customers with the skills necessary to predictably and safely negotiate any terrain, in any vehicle, anywhere in the world. Our comprehensive COI comes from over twenty years of experience training elite military teams in the operation, recovery, and expedient repair of tactical off road vehicles.

At OEX we know what this means firsthand. Moving in the most marginal of areas and conditions, means not only driving unfamiliar or non-standard vehicles, but also recovering them when stuck and repairing them when necessary. Our curriculum is designed to teach the science of off-road driving in three core areas: Driving, Recovery, and Repair all under the umbrella of an adaptable, well-thought-out, and executed plan. We have created a dynamic curriculum that delivers driver proficiency in a wide range of vehicles - From non-standard (NSV) to up-armored MATV and GMV platforms. (1.1 “Flyer” and RG-class) our dedicated mission-focused curriculum assures teams get up to speed quickly.

For initial consultation and more information regarding cost, requirements, and scheduling opportunities please call us at: 860-873-9640

Core objectives

  • Gain a complete understanding of each platform through hands-on application and multiple learning methods: Verbal, visual, physical, and Q&A.
  • Learn to quickly identify situational mobility challenges and objectives.
  • Learn to rapidly and safely assess all available options through a methodical and linear process.
  • Develop the physical skill sets needed to convert the available options into a solid plan for any condition encountered.
  • Create the mental “muscle memory” that leads to mastery through the practice and repetition of increasing challenges.

A vehicle fleet second to none, in four locations

Our US-based training is normally held at one of our facilities in Connecticut, North Carolina, or Utah.

Each of these locations is designed to maximize your team’s skill acquisition while minimizing down time. Each course is laid out in a linear and progressive format like the chapters of a “hands-on” textbook enabling practice, repetition, and troubleshooting, leading to mastery of the skills.

Driving a solid front axle Hilux 4-cylinder diesel requires different techniques than driving an independent front suspension (IFS) Land Cruiser 200 V8 gasoline automatic. That’s why we own, maintain, and teach a broad range of vehicles with various engines (gas and diesel), transmissions (manual and automatic), and suspensions (IFS and beam/solid axle with coil springs, leaf springs, and torsion bars). Your team will train in vehicles both left and right-hand drive with varying weights, heights, wheelbases, and track width combinations. Our extensive fleet includes both modified and stock versions of the 4x4s that are most commonly adapted for modern tactical applications so that operation, field repair, and recovery are experienced in vehicles closely related to those they will encounter in the field.

Previous and current clients include: Special Forces, Naval Special Warfare, US Department of State, SOCOM, JSOC, and other Federal Agencies.

For initial consultation and more information regarding cost, requirements, and scheduling opportunities please call us at: 860-873-9640

OEX is trusted by

Since 1998 OEX has partnered and trained thousands of people. We are in debt to all of these people and organizations. Here are some companies that have put their trust in what we do.

All three instructors went above and beyond to facilitate our training request. Stayed late and started early. The quality of instruction is second to none; professional and knowledgeable.

20th SFG

Instruction was great. It's nice to see people that take pride in their work.”

3rd SFG

Meet the trainers

Ted Dinwiddie
Ted is an instructor based at the Virginia facility. He has a long tenure with OEX, training all branches of the US military at our facilities and on location around the country.
Steve Beasley
A military veteran, Steve brings his experience as a driver, mechanic and EMT to his training in North Carolina, where he is based.
Ron Parrish
A life-long outdoorsman, Ron has experience as a driving instructor for Fire, EMS and Federal Law Enforcement. He brings those skills to his instruction in North Carolina.
Tony Cerruto
Tony is the Director of Training and Military Contracts. He is based in North Carolina and frequently trains out west at our Utah location.