Knowing the science behind the capabilities and limits of their vehicle means your staff can concentrate on their operational task rather than on their driving, and thereby improve scheduling predictability.

Our curriculum is designed to teach the science of off-roading in three core areas: Driving, Recovery, and Repair. An initial consulting session will determine the most effective organization-specific curriculum. We will then work with you to tailor it to suit the vehicle types and situations your staff may encounter.
Our methodical approach enables fast progression. No matter which one of our locations your team trains at, the message will be the same — linear progress, method, repetition and practice — leading to mastery.


  • Driver training: Simple to complex.
  • Recovery: Kinetic rope, winch & Hi-Lift jack.
  • Field Repair : Tires, brakes, axles & systems.
  • Mechanical: 4×4 systems, AWD & lockers.
  • Bells & whistles mastery : “What does that setting do?”
  • Tires: Work with you or against you?
  • Manual vs. automatic transmission off road.
  • Gear choice – where, when, why?
  • Gasoline or diesel – what’s best when and why?
  • Navigation systems & record keeping.

True teachers have a rare combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, and personality. OEX only selects the best instructors who are expert off road drivers as well as experts in their field. They have the ability to explain a concept twelve different ways to twelve different people – so whatever their individual learning style, your team will leave OEX with a sound and common understanding of all the concepts and skills that your organization needs. The consistency of our curriculum, instructors, courses, and vehicles will cement this newly acquired skill set into the long-term memories of your drivers. You will have a team that can operate your fleet with impunity, reliability, and safety in all possible environmental conditions.


Fleet management, acquisition, modification, and maintenance management is best done by people who really understand the vehicles. Our 35 years of experience in the field will support your development of a cost effective fleet.

Our work with multiple outfitters such as Dodge, Land Rover and Toyota ensures an unbiased approach in vehicle acquisition. We will save you time and money while providing you with the most long lasting, safe, properly equipped and solid vehicle fleet available.

Our US-based training is normally held at one of our facilities in Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, or Utah. Our World Wide Mobile Training Team is equipped to go anywhere our clients need us, often at short notice.

At each of our core locations, you will find purpose-built courses to maximize your team’s skill acquisition and minimize down time. Each course is laid out like the chapters of a “hands-on” text book. We start with individual obstacles designed to teach one specific skill set. They will then progress to mixed purpose-built and natural combinations. We also include long trails, from easy to highly challenging, to test their skills over random sections, in real life conditions ensuring that they are prepared for any eventuality.

This linear and progressive format enables practice, repetition, troubleshooting, and through that – mastery.

OEX instructors have spent years in extreme field conditions. We know all the risks and how to prepare for, avoid, or handle them.


We meet the needs of our dynamic and overseas clients through our Worldwide Mobile Training Team enabling us to bring our standard of excellence in off road mobility training to your specific location.

Often at relatively short notice, we can provide units with the driver proficiency needed to safely deploy. OEX instructors will coordinate with you to develop a program of instruction that meets the specific needs of your team given the terrain and conditions they are operating in.

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