Our goal is to train your team to predictably and safely negotiate any terrain, in any vehicle, anywhere in the world.

We know that in the real world, moving in marginal areas under marginal conditions, means not only driving unfamiliar vehicles, but also being prepared to handle a vehicle getting stuck or to carry out field repairs.

Our curriculum is based on decades of experience in all corners of the world, in real-life (and death) situations, not just simulations. The curriculum is designed to teach three core areas: Driving, Recovery, and Repair.

Our methodical approach enables fast progression. No matter which one of our locations your team trains at, the message will be the same – linear progress, method, repetition and practice – leading to mastery.


  • Basic driver skills & vehicle understanding, on and off road driving, plan development and field preparation.
  • Being a “Driver, when Driven”. Learn how to assess your driver BEFORE going into the field.
  • Marginal Area Driving: Deeper planning, harder conditions. Operator’s understanding of 2wd and 4wd traction and uneven ground.
  • Skid Control: 4wd and 2wd on dirt and on tarmac. Threshold braking, oversteer and understeer skidding.
  • Convoy Applications: Understanding convoys and your role as a driver in them.
  • Situational Awareness & Evasive Driving.
  • Basic Field Recovery: Diagnostics, identification & troubleshooting.

True teachers have a rare combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, and personality.

OEX only selects the best instructors who are expert off road drivers as well as experts in their field. They have the ability to explain a concept twelve different ways to twelve different people, so whatever their individual learning style, your team will leave OEX with a sound understanding of all the concepts and skills presented.

The consistency of our curriculum, instructors, courses, and vehicles will cement this newly acquired skill set into their long-term memory and may one day save their life, or that of a colleague.

Our US-based training is normally held at one of our facilities in Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, or Utah. Our World Wide Mobile Training Team is equipped to go anywhere our clients need us, often at short notice.

At each of our core locations, you will find purpose-built courses to maximize skill acquisition and minimize down time. Each course is laid out like the chapters of a “hands-on” text book” Throughout the training your staff will use the most common 2wd and 4wd vehicles found in the locations that you serve such as Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas, Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rover Defenders. We know from experience that more often than not your staff will be given a car which is less than suitable for the terrain and conditions they are working in. A vehicle can be ill-maintained and prone to breakdown, and for this reason our fleet is extensive and we encourage students to learn in a wide variety of vehicle types to ensure that their skills are transferrable to any situation or vehicle: manual or automatic, left- or right-hand drive, diesel or gas, 2wd or 4wd, IFS or beam axle, modified or stock. Through this methodology, their skills will develop from theoretical concepts to instinctive, potentially life-saving habits.


We will work with you on a break-even policy:

  • Group size: Min 8, Max 24
  • Number of days: 3
  • Vehicles: OEX’s extensive fleet
  • Instructor to student ratio: 1:6
  • Payment must be received prior to the first day of training
  • You will provide interpreters if needed
  • Accommodations (not included) will be offered where possible at cost, with other local NGOs.

We prioritize trainings based on need. You must be a proven humanitarian group deployed to an active area, and in need of timely help. Only field operators are eligible to train with us, but we will train local nationals hired by your NGO.
Space is limited. As much as we would like to, we cannot train huge numbers of people at a non-profit level, so we offer places on a first come – first served basis prioritized by need. By using your group to fill open dates in our schedules we can offer the training at very reduced rates, allowing us to run a well structured class, defray our costs and save you money.

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