Our goal is to train your team to predictably and safely negotiate any terrain, in any vehicle, anywhere in the world with only seconds to familiarize themselves.

At OEX we know what this means first hand. Moving in marginal areas, under marginal conditions, means not only driving unfamiliar or non-standard vehicles, but also getting stuck and carrying out field repairs. Our curriculum is designed to teach the science of off-roading in three core areas: Driving, Recovery, and Repair all under the umbrella of an adaptable, well thought out and executed plan. We have created a dynamic curriculum that delivers driver proficiency in a wide range of vehicles. As a result, our graduates are versatile “read and react” operators, exercising composure on all non-standard platforms.
We present this curriculum in a linear and methodical manner – enabling fast progression.


Gain a complete understanding of each platform through hands-on application and multiple learning methods: Verbal, visual, physical, and Q&A.

  • Learn to quickly identify situational mobility challenges and objectives.
  • Learn to rapidly and safely assess all available options through a methodical and linear process.
  • Develop the physical skill sets needed to convert the available options into a solid plan for any condition encountered.
  • Create the mental “muscle memory” that leads to mastery through the practice and repetition of increasing challenge.


True teachers have a rare combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, and personality. OEX only selects the best instructors who are expert off road drivers as well as experts in their field. They have the ability to explain a concept twelve different ways to twelve different people. Whatever their individual learning style, trainees will leave OEX with a sound and common understanding of all the concepts and skills presented. The consistency of our curriculum, instructors, courses, and vehicles will cement this newly acquired skill set into the long-term memories of your drivers.

Being able to negotiate any terrain, in any vehicle, anywhere in the world, instinctively and predictably may one day save their life, or that of a fellow operator.


Whether they train at our Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut or Utah facility, your team will receive the same COI built upon linear progress, method, repetition and practice. At the same time we understand that for the military more than any other group we train, systems and conditions change unremittingly; therefore, we make thorough use of the weekly feedback we receive from OEX military graduates and advisers. We have the contacts, the expertise and the ability to dynamically and responsively evolve our curriculum, course conditions, and the platforms we use to help you meet those challenges.


Our US-based training is normally held at one of our facilities in Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, or Utah.

At each of these locations, you will find purpose-built courses to maximize your team’s skill acquisition and minimize down time. Each course is laid out like the chapters of a “hands-on” text book. This linear and progressive format enables practice, repetition, troubleshooting, and through that – mastery. The non-standard 4×4 continues to be a critical military asset and differs significantly from standard military 4×4 vehicles. Driving a solid front axle Hilux 4-cylinder diesel requires different techniques than driving an independent front suspension (IFS) Land Cruiser 200 V8 gasoline automatic. That’s why we teach a broad range of engines (gas and diesel), transmissions (manual and automatic), suspensions (IFS and beam/solid axle), left and right-hand drive, weights, heights, wheelbases, and track width combinations. Our extensive fleet includes both modified and stock versions of the 4x4s that are most commonly adapted for modern tactical applications so that operation, field repair, and recovery are mastered in the actual vehicle types used in the field.

It is through this versatility and hands-on experience that your team will develop the skills of the world’s best trained and most effective drivers.


We also serve our clients through our Worldwide Mobile Training Team; enabling us to bring our standard of excellence in off road mobility training to your unique location.

Often at relatively short notice, we can provide units with the driver proficiency needed to safely deploy. OEX instructors will coordinate with you to develop a specific program of instruction that meets the needs of your team given the terrain and conditions they will be operating in.

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