Whatever your purpose in training with OEX, our curriculum is designed to teach you both the science and the art of off-roading in three core areas: Driving, Recovery, and Repair.

How much time you choose to train with us depends on your goals and objectives. Your course will also be tailored to meet your current level of experience. You can spend one or two days with OEX learning to take as much pride in your driving skills as you do in your vehicle. Some choose to train for three to five days in preparation for a specific trip. Our methodical approach enables fast progression. No matter which one of our locations you go to, the message will be the same: linear progress, method, repetition & practice leading to mastery.

*All of our driving courses and programs are conducted in a group environment limited to 12 students to provide for an effective student-to-instructor ratio and an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.


  • Recovery: Kinetic rope, winch & Hi-Lift jack.
  • Field Repair: Tires, brakes, axles, cooling, electric.
  • Mechanical: 4×4 systems, AWD & lockers.
  • Bells & whistles mastery: “What does that setting do?”
  • Tires: Work with you or against you?
  • Manual vs. automatic transmission off road and gear choice — where, when, why?
  • Gasoline or diesel: What’s best, when and why?
  • Navigation systems & record keeping.
  • Trail etiquette: Responsibilities & environment.
  • Equipment & modifications.


True teachers have a rare combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, and personality. OEX only selects the best instructors who are expert off road drivers and experts in their own fields. They have the ability to explain a concept twelve different ways to twelve different people – so whatever your learning style is, you will leave OEX with a sound understanding of all the concepts and skills presented.

Our US-based training is normally held at one of our facilities in Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, or Utah. Our World Wide Mobile Training Team is equipped to go anywhere our clients need us, often at short notice.

At each of these locations, you will find purpose-built courses to maximize your skill acquisition and minimize down time. Each course is laid out like the chapters of a “hands-on” text book. We start with individual obstacles designed to teach one specific skill set. You then progress to mixed purpose-built and natural combinations, and end with highly challenging (often impassable) natural trails. This linear and progressive format enables practice, repetition, troubleshooting, and through that – mastery.

Bring your own truck or use one from our fleet. We encourage you to learn in a variety of vehicle types to ensure the skills you learn are transferable to any location, situation, or vehicle: manual or automatic, diesel or gas, IFS or beam axle, modified or stock.

Your new skills will become intrinsic habits, not just theoretical concepts.


OEX also offers Overland Training. While there is a large overlap between off road and overland training, OEXs’ overland curriculum is based on years of driving through countries and across borders often out of necessity, not necessarily for pleasure.

Overland training includes knowledge and information specific to certain countries; and also provides a framework approach that can be adapted to any trip, anywhere in the world.

Overlanding – it’s not just about 4×4 driving.

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