We approach our training in a very specific and adaptable manner. The design of all our courses is to get the student to learn fast, learn within their own learning style, store the learned skill set in a lasting manner, and perform the skill effortlessly. This is NOT a sales pitch. The training and ability of the instructors sells itself. Our results are proven and supportable. If you train with us you will come back to us.

We train based on curriculum. This allows us to present the same method across instructors and branches. This is successful because we as trainers know how all the students are progressing and where they need work across trainers, branches, and over time. Without this, students are trained by a hodge-podge of different techniques using whatever may have worked for them in the past. We feel this is unacceptable, unorganized, and very ineffective. A well executed curriculum brings trainees to skill mastery and to an equal skill level. This equal baseline creates smooth running well oiled teams with members who do not second guess their teammates. We do not have various instructors training whatever way they see fit to students who have infinite learning styles. In addition, a standard within training regime allows for very fast and organized adaptation to changes in world situations for both training implementation as well as for the field operator – they too see where changes fit and adapt instantaneously.

Our training is systematic with a process, presented methodically, and made habitual. This may sound like hocus pocus and very academic, but it works very well. It works where training by trial and error, and show and tell fails miserably for 75% of people that cannot learn that way, and for 100% of all people since that type of training does not impart long-term effortless (do not need to think about it) abilities and understanding.

Yes we have developed the training very specifically, and will continue to sharpen it over time. It is unique and it does work. Our goal is to impart the skills to students so they leave saying “It’s so much easier now… I don’t even need to think about it”. This “light bulb moment” is our key goal, objective, and achievement. When you do something well you don’t think about it; it’s effortless. This result doesn’t come naturally, it comes from a systematic training process that…

  • sets goals.
  • gives all details for true understanding – verbally, visually and question and answer.
  • is based in reality and does not rely on classroom lecture.
  • uses variable platforms for high level familiarization.
  • uses method and linear process – students see connections, store information and physical skill set – student will naturally see all options.
  • steps back and allows the students to stop thinking and do it.
  • uses repetition with increasing challenges to create muscle mental memory that leads to mastery.

At OEX we feel everyone already has the potential and ability, we just need to bring it out in them and then bring it to a much higher level.